Metropolitan Activity Professionals Association

MAPA's mission is to provide educational opportunities for the continued growth of the professionals it serves.  We are region 6 of our state organization, Minnesota Statewide Activity Professionals (MN SWAP).  

MAPA Updates on sessions & membership for 2020 & 2021

Greetings MAPA members! 

We hope you are all surviving this crazy time we’re living in right now. Who would have thought that when we were making plans for 2020 & 2021, that everything would come to a halt? Hopefully, some of your communities have opened slightly i.e. outdoor visits, essential caregivers, etc. (even though sometimes that makes more work for us…

MAPA hasn’t forgotten about you! We wanted to reconnect and send you an update. The MAPA Board had a Zoom meeting last year. We want to keep you in the loop regarding MAPA and MNSWAP.

Membership Update!

Current Paid 2020 Members

Your membership will automatically be extended through 2021.

**By extending 2020 memberships through 2021 we are able to, make good on our promise, to offer the same amount of sessions!


For those who have not paid and want to participate in the November sessions (you must be a paid member in order to receive the information for attending). New members joining will also be for 2020 and 2021. Please feel free to contact the MAPA Education Chair if you have any questions regarding this.